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Where could be better for escargots than the rainy Olympic Peninsula? 

Although many first think of France when they think of snails, Washington state’s rainy Olympic Peninsula is prime real estate for these moisture loving gastropods.

Located on five-acres at the base of the eastern slopes of the Olympics in Quilcene, Little Gray Farms is run by Ric Brewer who has more than 20 years experience raising snails and opened the farm more than 5 years ago.

Little Gray Farms operates an approved USDA facility.


Olympic peninsula

Quilcene, Washington state

Quilcene, Washington state


2019 Season is now closed! We’ll see you again spring 2020!

We specialize in raising the famed petit-gris (little gray) snail. Smaller than the type typically found canned, the petits are more delicate and flavorful, with an earthy umami. 

We pack and ship to order. Our snails are cleaned, parboiled, then individually de-shelled and vacuum packed for ultimate freshness, then quickly shipped to you on ice.

Cost per snail is 75 Cents per snail, or $25 for a quarter pound; $35 for a half pound; or $55 per pound. Just email with either snail quantity* (e.g., 25 snails) or you can also order by quarter, half, or full pound increments. Your order is then prepared and shipped to you 2-day FedEx. We will prepare a quote and, upon your approval, provide shipping and payment information.

* Please note: It is against federal law to ship live snails across state lines. So don’t ask!

Many people are familiar with the type of escargots served in many restaurants. More often than not, they are canned and shipped to the U.S. and Canada from Eastern Europe, Asia, or North Africa. The taste, meh, the texture, yuck! We knew that snails could be delicious. But the secret was them being fresh, not canned and shipped thousands of miles across the ocean.

To that end, we created Little Gray Farms Escargots. Our name refers to the species of snail we grow—the delicious (and charming!) petit-gris—translated as “little gray”— variety. Although smaller in size that the canned gros-gris snails, our little grays have an earthy, rich umami—a hint of the terroir of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula where they are raised. Their texture is almost buttery, akin to a butter clam. No rubbery, metal-tasting canned snails for us.

The famed  petit-gris , or little gray snail.

The famed petit-gris, or little gray snail.


Snail raising consultations


Interested in raising snails?

Humans have eaten and raised snails for millennia. While well established in Europe and Africa, the art and science of raising snails is new to North America. This initial consultation provides you with a basic background that includes:

  • Overview of current United States Department of Agriculture regulations

  • Introduction to appropriate snail species used in heliciculture

  • Basics on snail husbandry and anatomy (reproduction, diet, etc.)

  • Farm/facility set-up

  • Processing, packaging, storage, marketing and value-added products

Please contact us to for fee schedule and to arrange your consultation. Please include where (state) you are located.

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